A Tool to Beat Procrastination and Time Wasting

A trusted colleague  enthusiastically recommended a computer program
called Action Enforcer. It is a way of setting up a set of daily task
timers. I have even set a timer to write this post. I use it when
I have a tricky or tedious task to complete, others plan their
whole day even using it to program their breaks. Procrastinating
friends and colleagues have bee
boasting of suddenly being able to manage their time and get through their schedule, of feeling on top of things!

Also at the end of your day you can see where your time was spent.
. I set a timer for 30 minutes of paperwork, then 30 minutes of report writing etc. It is very simple to use; why it works so well is still a bit of a
but I think it’s just your pride you don’t want the alarm
to ring before you’ve finished the task!

Any Way It’s the Best Tool I’ve Ever Found Learn more by clicking here