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What I learned from “The Social Network”

The movie “The Social Network” which is about the birth of Facebook starts off by showing how Mark Zuckerberg built a simple site allowing students to compare and rate the photos of fellow students on a basis of hot or not. He got into all sorts of trouble over this. This idea however was the […]

The Importance of Weak Associations for Your Success

Your social circle, family, work colleagues are your strong links these are people you see frequently, the danger is however that can become a barrier between you and new experiences. Weak links are say an old school friend you happen to bump into at a conference or on a flight. Weak ties can provide you […]

Generating Ideas and Serendipity

This week I’m examining how I generate ideas and what role serendipity plays in the process. Obviously I will be finding out how others approach idea development. Brainstorming Inspiration Mind Maps Serendipity I develop these ideas here at  how to generate ideas