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Don’t Ignore Mental Reminders

When your memory reminds you to need to phone someone or put a document in your briefcase for tomorrow, don’t just think “I must do that later” because unfortunately your subconscious tends to think it has done its job and may not bother to remind you a second time! I always imagine that if you […]

Frittering Time Away is Worse Than Procrastination!

You Procrastinate because you Fritter your Core Working Time Away, Beat Frittering and You’ll Conquer Procrastination without even realizing it

Jim Carrey : Yes Man

Yes Man is a highly amusing film which appears to mock self-improvement. In the film Jim is really down on his luck and is in danger of becoming a recluse, he reluctantly goes to a self-improvement seminar where the Guru advocates saying Yes to everything. Carrey throws himself into this and finds himself joining a […]

Music to Help you Concentrate

Once upon a time I used to listen to Classical Music frequently I noticed however that it would often interfere with my concentration as it seemed to demand that I pay attention to it. Recently I have unexpectedly found that rap music was conducive to study especially if I didn’t understand the words. I suspect […]

Clearing Your Desk And It Feels Good!

I’ve just cleared/purged my desk of all unused/neglected knick-knacks and it feels good! I’ve thrown away  vitamin pill boxes  (probably out of date), stationery I no longer use, projects I’m unlikely to finish etc etc. I finished with a large bin-liner full of junk. I can now tell what color my desk is it’s walnut-veneer! […]

Frittering Your Life Away

The successful make use of every little bit of their time, they get down to doing serious work quicker

Learning English with Harry Potter

On vacation I met a French couple who said that their son who previously shown little interest in studying English had unexpectedly locked himself away with the latest English version Harry Potter (The French version arrives much later). He only emerged when he had read the 600 pages or so with vastly improved English. Now […]

Giving Up On Your First Try (Is that You?)

Getting rich quick is almost impossible, even getting rich slowly is very difficult but the principle I follow is to create as many money earning possibilities as possible. I call these mini-businesses they require a little effort to setup but then become passive income steams. Of course it’s tough at the beginning working on schemes […]

Frank Kern’s Success-Failure Diagram

Frank Kern’s simple diagram really says all that there is to know about Success and Failure more than in some 500 page books. But which half are you in?

Keep Calm and Carry On

That’s really great motivational slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” . Apparently it was an UK Wartime Poster that was for some reason never used. OK we currently have a really gloomy economic outlook but really the “Merchants of Gloom” ie the media practically always something negative and doom-laden to report.  Really thy would like […]