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Giving Up Why Is It So Easy ???

It has always seemed to me to be remarkable that when I go on a long walk or cycle that no matter how tough the conditions I am sure to complete my circuit. I mean just because I’ve had enough or I’m tired or hungry I’m never just going to sit down on the side […]

The pleasure of not eating cake

I’m currently working in an office where biscuits and cakes are often available. I was being teased for eating the most. This annoyed me because while I enjoyed the first few I got decreasing pleasure from the remainder. Then one day I just decided enough was enough l would just decide how many biscuits I […]

The Power of the Epiphany!

Well you have an Epiphany when you try to put of your best clothes and they no longer fit:- and you decide that’s enough I’m no longer prepared to hide from the fact that I’m OVER-WEIGHT. Your colleague got a promotion but you didn’t and you decide I’m going to do what ever is necessary […]

Success: It’s all about Shelling Peas

When we start to study or to write a report or do our accounts it can appear depressingly hopeless as if an infinity of work and effort stretching over the horizon. This is similar to someone required to peel a heap of potatoes, shell a basin of peas. Yet if you start to do these […]

Virtuous Circle , Vicious Circle so hard to move from one to the other

I’m tired after work but I go down the gym anyway,have a good workout , afterwards I eat a supper of fresh vegetables and fruit I feel great- that’s a virtuous circle. OR . I feel too unfit to go the gym so I eat a whole tube of icecream in front of the television, […]

Run for Your Physical and Mental Well Being

I’d noticed more and more people seemed to be jogging but it had never attracted me I just it thought dull. Then I read that people suffering from trauma turned to running. Running is such a demanding activity that your mind is diverted from useless self-chatter and you can interrupt depressive thought patterns. You get […]

Bored by your best skill?

Your favorite sports star at the top of his game suddenly announces that he no longer wishes to play football because he wants to concentrate on painting. The paintings are OK but you know he was put on earth to kick ball. You will know of other examples. However it also happens to ordinary Joes […]

Do you already know enough?

A training course organizer was astonished to see some of his best former students reappear on his course. When asked why they said they had so enjoyed the course and wanted to learn even more. Well the trainer was flattered but in his mind he was screaming “You already know enough go out there and […]

What’s the Difference between “Giving Up” and “Changing Direction”

We read so often that we must never give up, never abandon our goal, must try and try again. While that’s true in many situations what happens if are forced to recognize that opening a surf board store in Death Valley or an Ice Making Plant in Anchorage is never going to work out. If […]

Can you Drive a Car? You are a Genius!

Hey have you already forgotten how difficult it seemed to control pedals, the shift stick, look in mirrors all at the same time? Do you remember a family member (Dad?) or instructor shouting at you? And then there was reversing, learning all the signs and rules it just seemed impossible. And now you drive totally […]