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Discard broken stuff : Declutter

If you grew up in a household where money was an issue you likely find it hard to throw stuff away. But malfunctioning equipment harms your efficiency. Difficult to use equipment or no longer waterproof if you tolerate this it’s a sign that you also tolerate your own personal inefficiencies. You know what I mean […]

Giving Up Why Is It So Easy ???

It has always seemed to me to be remarkable that when I go on a long walk or cycle that no matter how tough the conditions I am sure to complete my circuit. I mean just because I’ve had enough or I’m tired or hungry I’m never just going to sit down on the side […]

T05: When your memory reminds you that something needs doing you must always take an immediate action no matter how small

T05: When your memory reminds you that something needs doing you must always take an immediate action no matter how small, of course you are currently busy on another task so how do you deal with it? You diary it or you take the file out that you need to complete or you email someone. […]

New Twitter Feed for 101 Success Tips

101 Success Tips on Twitter I am reissuing my famous 101 Tips every fews on Twitter. This will allow me to re-edit ,reorder them, weed out any weaker ones and so on. There in fact over 150 tips so if I whittle that list back down to 101 tips we’ll only get the best one Are […]

The pleasure of not eating cake

I’m currently working in an office where biscuits and cakes are often available. I was being teased for eating the most. This annoyed me because while I enjoyed the first few I got decreasing pleasure from the remainder. Then one day I just decided enough was enough l would just decide how many biscuits I […]

The Power of the Epiphany!

Well you have an Epiphany when you try to put of your best clothes and they no longer fit:- and you decide that’s enough I’m no longer prepared to hide from the fact that I’m OVER-WEIGHT. Your colleague got a promotion but you didn’t and you decide I’m going to do what ever is necessary […]

The 5 Minutes More Rule Or Trick

When you are about to abandon a task because you’ve had enough or feel you aren’t getting any where or are just bored then try applying the “5 minute Rule”. Say to yourself I will stick at it for just 5 minutes more and then I can give up or take a break. At the […]

Pomodoro Time-Management Method (Tomato Segements)

1. use a kitchen timer (or see below) to track your time 2. work in iterations of 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks (one pomodoro) 3. every four pomodoros, take a 25-30 min break 4. once you start a pomodoro, you must finish it —CRITICAL— 5. plan out your day and what you want to […]

Recognizing that you’re in the Zone

It sure is easy to recognize when you aren’t in the zone, but how to recognize when you are? 1) You open a letter, deal with it and file it all in one go. 2) You complete one of the “hangers” on your to-do list 3) You need a document that’s stored in the loft, […]

Bootstrapping Your Way Out Of A Lethargic State

When a writer has writer’s block the only solution, as strange as it seems, is to write. So he must start writing anything a letter to a friend or relation, a shopping list, just anything. As soon as he writes a good phrase or sentence his enthusiasm and self-confidence will rise almost without him realizing […]