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Don’t Ignore Mental Reminders

When your memory reminds you to need to phone someone or put a document in your briefcase for tomorrow, don’t just think “I must do that later” because unfortunately your subconscious tends to think it has done its job and may not bother to remind you a second time! I always imagine that if you […]

Frittering Time Away is Worse Than Procrastination!

You Procrastinate because you Fritter your Core Working Time Away, Beat Frittering and You’ll Conquer Procrastination without even realizing it

A Tool to Beat Procrastination and Time Wasting

Can A simple computer program Action Enforcer finally help you beat procrastination and time wasting?

Frittering Your Life Away

The successful make use of every little bit of their time, they get down to doing serious work quicker

Personal Brainstorming for Creative Ideas

Use spare time to generate more ideas and to improve your creative abilities, find that idea which will revolutionize your career or business.

Are you a Slow Starter?

Near the top of my list of faults or the faults I’d like to eradicate is that I’m a dreadfully slow starter. I seem to wake up so lethargic, unmotivated. Although ideally we supposed to start with our day by doing the most important job but I just have to settle for doing any job […]