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Jim Carrey : Yes Man

Yes Man is a highly amusing film which appears to mock self-improvement. In the film Jim is really down on his luck and is in danger of becoming a recluse, he reluctantly goes to a self-improvement seminar where the Guru advocates saying Yes to everything. Carrey throws himself into this and finds himself joining a […]

Do You Keep a Personal Success Diary?

Curiously we remember our failures more than our successes because of ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) which see to the job of recalling our disasters and embarrasments. Keep a Success diary of all your successes, exams, breaking a bad habit, new job, salary increase, trying something new, got a compliment from a customer or boss, entered […]

Personal Brainstorming for Creative Ideas

Use spare time to generate more ideas and to improve your creative abilities, find that idea which will revolutionize your career or business.

Frank Kern’s Success-Failure Diagram

Frank Kern’s simple diagram really says all that there is to know about Success and Failure more than in some 500 page books. But which half are you in?

Our Duty to Succeed

A day after Obama’s inauguration and the world is still in mess, he has to succeed and so do we in our own small way. Ventures and businesses we may start in the next weeks can be the “green shoots” of the recovery. Alternatively we could find a way of boosting our existing businesses. Many […]

What is Success?

Success is when you feel at ease with yourself, when earn enough to sleep well at nights, when your close relationships are good and you are a positive influence on those around you. When you can deal with adversity and plan for the future.