Do you already know enough?

A training course organizer was astonished to see some of his best former students reappear on his course. When asked why they said they had so enjoyed the course and wanted to learn even more. Well the trainer was flattered but in his mind he was screaming “You already know enough go out there and do it”.

So do you already know enough to start your dream project? Doctor Johnson the English dictionary writer and wit said “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome”. The same could be said if you wait until you have every single skill.

I recently realized that I too already have sufficient knowledge but was hovering on the edge of the pool unwilling to enter. Worse than that I was waiting for success to come and meet me half-way! No I have to bolder than that, so this is my mantra “I know what I have to do; namely post more articles more frequently to the web so that is what I must do, never looking back or up to see how well it is working, and I do this persistently success will come, that I know”