Funny thing you know what you need to do to succeed but you don’t do it

The gurus often say that most people subconsciously avoid  success that may seem strange to those of us desperate to make our mark. But let’s take an example you want to lose weight well you know what to do don’t you? You know which foods you mustn’t eat simple but you carry right on don’t you. Same with getting fit you know how many days you must go to the gym but after a few weeks you start slipping.  Well its the same with success you know what you’ve got to do but you don’t do it. When it’s put like that it doesn’t seem so crazy does it. Take me I know I must focus on my core skills and put all my efforts into one or most two projects but what do I actually do? Well I keep adding extra ones. I’ve 20 websites 3 or 4 of them do quite well but i know that should have one brilliant one. I’ve got 3 or 4 little side businesses but same thing I should have one excellent one. So that’s it I’ve learned my lesson I’m going to slim down my activities and bring laser focus to the ones the that are left.

So do you recognize yourself here are you spreading yourself too thin