Keep Calm and Carry On

That’s really great motivational slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” . Apparently it was an UK Wartime Poster that was for some reason never used. OK we currently have a really gloomy economic outlook but really the “Merchants of Gloom” ie the media practically always something negative and doom-laden to report.  Really thy would like us to give up and lie down in the mud but no matter how bad things are all you can do is “Keep Calm and Carry On” it is your duty to succeed in what you do.

It is true that many new businesses and fortunes originate during recessions created by people with foresight and optimism to see what new products and services will be in demand in the next upturn.

Learn how to create new and better ideas here at   Just How do you Create More Ideas? and in the mean time Keep Calm and Carry On!