Leverage the Key to Success

We must always seek to find better quicker ways to do things. The most precious resource of all is TIME,
in order to succeed we have to try to get leverage in every thing we do.

How do we get leverage?

  • We can train people to do our work if we have a skill
  • We can learn to have the courage to delegate (trust your co-workers)
  • If we are a writer we can turn a text into a blog, into an ezine article or an audio-recording
  • We can invest in the right equipment and training

Many who could have been/should have been successful simply exhausted themselvesĀ  trying to do everything themselves. Rather we should EXHAUST ourselves trying to think of EASIER,QUICKER,MORE EFFICIENT ways to get things DONE. There is no longer any credit in just being a work donkey we should rather think like Tom Sawyer who gets people to pay him for painting Tom’s own fence!!

The best ever Time Management Tool which is also simple to use is ACTION ENFORCER