Our Duty to Succeed

A day after Obama’s inauguration and the world is still in mess, he has to succeed and so do we in our own small way. Ventures and businesses we may start in the next weeks can be the “green shoots” of the recovery. Alternatively we could find a way of boosting our existing businesses.

Many of us will have no choice because if we lose our job in today’s climate our chances of finding a new job are poor indeed.

We can be sure of just one thing and that’s that Internet businesses will emerge even stronger than now.

Somewhere some recently jobless person(s) who hardly knows  how to send an email is sitting down at a PC with half an idea of starting a business and will before the year’s out be wildly successful.

Something in his past life, job, sport, hobby will have given him an idea for a Niche or Microniche that he can sell into  and now that he’s lost his job he’s finally got the chance to try it out.

I’ve created a website on how you can find your niche even in an area that you currently know next to nothing about it’s called Zulu Principle

So please click on   Zulu Principle to get ideas on finding your niche.