Why I am not completely successful

I’m not yet fully successful because there is still too large a gap between what I plan to do and what I actually achieve. Blog posts I  write in my head but never publish. Joblists that never get finished, deadlines missed, work brought home which never leaves my briefcase.

The Power of the Epiphany!

Well you have an Epiphany when you try to put of your best clothes and they no longer fit:- and you decide that’s enough I’m no longer prepared to hide from the fact that I’m OVER-WEIGHT. Your colleague got a promotion but you didn’t and you decide I’m going to do what ever is necessary to get a promotion next time. You arrive late for a meeting and with the wrong papers somebody laughs and says typical you! you are humiliated and make a vow to yourself ‘this has got to stop! You wake up feeling dreadful because you have drunk too much once again but this time you say that’s enough this has got to change.

St Paul had an Epiphany on the Road to Damascus which changed world history. Epiphanies are powerful moments of realization which us the drive and motivation to CHANGE DIRECTION.

I had one when I flunked college and more recently when a friend I hadn’t seen for years couldn’t hide the fact that he thought I’d put on a lot of weight. The first epiphany transformed me into a good student the second one into a keen runner.

So what epiphanies have you had? or what ones are you waiting for?

Success: It’s all about Shelling Peas

When we start to study or to write a report or do our accounts it can appear depressingly hopeless as if an infinity of work and effort stretching over the horizon. This is similar to someone required to peel a heap of potatoes, shell a basin of peas. Yet if you start to do these culinary tasks you are surprised how quickly your heap of prepared peas or potatoes increases AND that this automatically gives you the encouragement to continue and complete the task.

We all know this of course but when we have to do conventional tasks it is often not so easy to notice that we are making progress and the to do pile is diminishing. Yet we must learn to just begin forbidding tasks it is therefore useful if we have been taught patience at a young age well girls usually are (or may be used to be).

I blog more about why shelling peas gives women so many advatanges in creating businesses here Why Women Are Doing So Well Starting Businesses

Virtuous Circle , Vicious Circle so hard to move from one to the other

I’m tired after work but I go down the gym anyway,have a good workout , afterwards I eat a supper of fresh vegetables and fruit I feel great- that’s a virtuous circle. OR . I feel too unfit to go the gym so I eat a whole tube of icecream in front of the television, I feel miserable and unhappy – that’s a vicious circle.

Unfortunately it is not soo easy to get from one state to the other. A series of knocks can cause people to descend from the virtuous circle to the vicious and that without them hardly realizing it. People sometimes escape from a vicious circle when something good happens to them a new job or relationship and then once again without them hardly noticing it. But wouldn’t it better if we could control this transition ourselves primarily in the positive direction. If you are in a vicious circle you have start by shaking things up a little, what sport or hobby can you take up, what will give you some passion. You’ve may be got to something that’s the opposite of what you believed before.

Never Too Late to be Great : The Power of Thinking Long !

Never To Late To be Great

I think you will like this; my friend TomButler-Bowdon’s latest book is a sensible and encouraging treatise on how frequently people find success late in life. Patience!

In fact forty and above seems to be best age. This brand new book contains many surprising revelations about the rocky road to greatness. Click Never To Late To be Great to read more.

Run for Your Physical and Mental Well Being

I’d noticed more and more people seemed to be jogging but it had never attracted me I just it thought dull. Then I read that people suffering from trauma turned to running. Running is such a demanding activity that your mind is diverted from useless self-chatter and you can interrupt depressive thought patterns. You get a further boost to your mental well being when your physical condition improves, when your clothes fit properly again, when you get less tired at work and finally you sleep better.

This is called a virtuous circle I blog my running progress here “Run for Your Life

Bored by your best skill?

Your favorite sports star at the top of his game suddenly announces that he no longer wishes to play football because he wants to concentrate on painting. The paintings are OK but you know he was put on earth to kick ball. You will know of other examples. However it also happens to ordinary Joes as well, the Salesman who having been number one suddenly quits his job to start breeding chickens.

Many quit the race with the winning posts in sight. I know because it happenned to me, although I didn’t realize it for a long time.

Be therefore aware of the pyxchological difficulty of getting over the finishing line, be prepared for the final effort and be aware of all the distractions internal and external that will try to impede.

So to summarize grab your best opportunity and never it go!

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I hope anyway

Do you already know enough?

A training course organizer was astonished to see some of his best former students reappear on his course. When asked why they said they had so enjoyed the course and wanted to learn even more. Well the trainer was flattered but in his mind he was screaming “You already know enough go out there and do it”.

So do you already know enough to start your dream project? Doctor Johnson the English dictionary writer and wit said “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome”. The same could be said if you wait until you have every single skill.

I recently realized that I too already have sufficient knowledge but was hovering on the edge of the pool unwilling to enter. Worse than that I was waiting for success to come and meet me half-way! No I have to bolder than that, so this is my mantra “I know what I have to do; namely post more articles more frequently to the web so that is what I must do, never looking back or up to see how well it is working, and I do this persistently success will come, that I know”

What’s the Difference between “Giving Up” and “Changing Direction”

We read so often that we must never give up, never abandon our goal, must try and try again. While that’s true in many situations what happens if are forced to recognize that opening a surf board store in Death Valley or an Ice Making Plant in Anchorage is never going to work out. If we forget the fact we should have researched our business better in the first place we have to admit that there are times we have to change direction or abandon ship. Have you ever taken a wrong turn on the road and been to stubborn to turn around again and just hoped for the best? If our scheme is bound to fail for reasons outside our control then it is best that we take immediate action. An example of successfully changing direction is dreaming of opening a flower shop but you ended up selling baskets to flower shops.

So what is the difference well you will know in your heart whether you giving up because you are fatigued or discouraged or whether you have recognized that there is a fundamental flaw in your plan.

If you do recognize that your scheme is doomed then it is important to quickly take action and not like the stubborn driver keep driving down the same road hoping for the best or that there’ll be another turning.