Secret to Success : Live 10 Minutes in the the Future

If you could look into the minds of the truly successful the first thing you’d notice is that they are continuously planning ahead, what they will be doing in 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days ahead, what resources they’ll need, what instructions they need to give to others. Look in to the minds of the rest of us and you’ll see people worrying about past mistakes, missed opportunities, failures,  all of which is at best unproductive . So when for instance you drive home after work is your evening fully planned do you even know what you want to do or do you project undertaking a hopeless number of tasks?

If you have decided you deserve the evening off so you can catch up on a movie or watch the ball-game that’s great as well but what you mustn’t do is plan to get your tax paperwork sorted out but not get it sorted out, not watch the ball game and end up instead  watching reality TV. This kind of indiscipline happens to millions every day and contributes to them never achieving their dreams.

It takes an iron will or good planning to change from failure to success mode. One trick is set yourself small goals until you develop your self-discipline muscles.