Success: It’s all about Shelling Peas

When we start to study or to write a report or do our accounts it can appear depressingly hopeless as if an infinity of work and effort stretching over the horizon. This is similar to someone required to peel a heap of potatoes, shell a basin of peas. Yet if you start to do these culinary tasks you are surprised how quickly your heap of prepared peas or potatoes increases AND that this automatically gives you the encouragement to continue and complete the task.

We all know this of course but when we have to do conventional tasks it is often not so easy to notice that we are making progress and the to do pile is diminishing. Yet we must learn to just begin forbidding tasks it is therefore useful if we have been taught patience at a young age well girls usually are (or may be used to be).

I blog more about why shelling peas gives women so many advatanges in creating businesses here Why Women Are Doing So Well Starting Businesses