The Power of the Epiphany!

Well you have an Epiphany when you try to put of your best clothes and they no longer fit:- and you decide that’s enough I’m no longer prepared to hide from the fact that I’m OVER-WEIGHT. Your colleague got a promotion but you didn’t and you decide I’m going to do what ever is necessary to get a promotion next time. You arrive late for a meeting and with the wrong papers somebody laughs and says typical you! you are humiliated and make a vow to yourself ‘this has got to stop! You wake up feeling dreadful because you have drunk too much once again but this time you say that’s enough this has got to change.

St Paul had an Epiphany on the Road to Damascus which changed world history. Epiphanies are powerful moments of realization which us the drive and motivation to CHANGE DIRECTION.

I had one when I flunked college and more recently when a friend I hadn’t seen for years couldn’t hide the fact that he thought I’d put on a lot of weight. The first epiphany transformed me into a good student the second one into a keen runner.

So what epiphanies have you had? or what ones are you waiting for?