Virtuous Circle , Vicious Circle so hard to move from one to the other

I’m tired after work but I go down the gym anyway,have a good workout , afterwards I eat a supper of fresh vegetables and fruit I feel great- that’s a virtuous circle. OR . I feel too unfit to go the gym so I eat a whole tube of icecream in front of the television, I feel miserable and unhappy – that’s a vicious circle.

Unfortunately it is not soo easy to get from one state to the other. A series of knocks can cause people to descend from the virtuous circle to the vicious and that without them hardly realizing it. People sometimes escape from a vicious circle when something good happens to them a new job or relationship and then once again without them hardly noticing it. But wouldn’t it better if we could control this transition ourselves primarily in the positive direction. If you are in a vicious circle you have start by shaking things up a little, what sport or hobby can you take up, what will give you some passion. You’ve may be got to something that’s the opposite of what you believed before.