What’s the Difference between “Giving Up” and “Changing Direction”

We read so often that we must never give up, never abandon our goal, must try and try again. While that’s true in many situations what happens if are forced to recognize that opening a surf board store in Death Valley or an Ice Making Plant in Anchorage is never going to work out. If we forget the fact we should have researched our business better in the first place we have to admit that there are times we have to change direction or abandon ship. Have you ever taken a wrong turn on the road and been to stubborn to turn around again and just hoped for the best? If our scheme is bound to fail for reasons outside our control then it is best that we take immediate action. An example of successfully changing direction is dreaming of opening a flower shop but you ended up selling baskets to flower shops.

So what is the difference well you will know in your heart whether you giving up because you are fatigued or discouraged or whether you have recognized that there is a fundamental flaw in your plan.

If you do recognize that your scheme is doomed then it is important to quickly take action and not like the stubborn driver keep driving down the same road hoping for the best or that there’ll be another turning.