Are you a Slow Starter?

Near the top of my list of faults or the faults I’d like to eradicate is that I’m a dreadfully slow starter. I seem to wake up so lethargic, unmotivated. Although ideally we supposed to start with our day by doing the most important job but I just have to settle for doing any job I feel up to. Gradually and painfully I then start to build some momentum. Once again ideally I’d be focused on one thing but I seem to be better suited to multi-tasking. At some point in the day I suddenly notice that I’m flying along and I can start tackling those difficult job, but I’ve sometimes run out of time.

One success guru says that to get rid of “Writer’s Block” an author must start writing which may seem some what unhelpful, but in fact it is the only solution, the trick is of course is to write say a letter to a friend anything that doesn’t carry the burden of “I must/Have to do this”. When half-way through the letter the writer realises that he has written his first elegant or witty sentence his Serotin will start flowing and suddenly writing will become easier. I can also generate motivation by solving a difficult programming problem.