Bootstrapping Your Way Out Of A Lethargic State

When a writer has writer’s block the only solution, as strange as it seems, is to write. So he must start writing anything a letter to a friend or relation, a shopping list, just anything. As soon as he writes a good phrase or sentence his enthusiasm and self-confidence will rise almost without him realizing it.

When I’m in a low energy and lethargic state I know I have to get any thing done, organized or sorted out. I have to pick tasks which are easily achievable. As soon as I see a bit of my desk reappear I get my first boost of Serotonin . I can then venture to get something else done, get some phone calls out of the way, write a few brief letters, pay a few bills. I call this bootstrapping. Many of the jobs we are dreading turn out to be less difficult than we thought but getting them out of the way is a real pleasure. Of course ONE DAY I will start on my most important task and get a massive boost from knowing that I’ve finally mastered myself but that’s some time away!