Can you Drive a Car? You are a Genius!

Hey have you already forgotten how difficult it seemed to control pedals, the shift stick, look in mirrors all at the same time? Do you remember a family member (Dad?) or instructor shouting at you? And then there was reversing, learning all the signs and rules it just seemed impossible. And now you drive totally automatically your feet, hands, eyes coordinating apparently without your conscious intervention. But do you give yourself any credit for this? unlikely, once we are good at something we tend to discount it!

So next time you are about to decide that you’ll never master some task or skill, remember how you learned to drive and battle on. It really is true that we are all capable of so much more that we have undiscovered abilities, but what was the key to your driving success — YOU COULDN’T GIVE UP — you needed it for your job and social life.

So next time you want to scream and shout and give up remember but I learned to drive I’m a Genius!!