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Discard broken stuff : Declutter

If you grew up in a household where money was an issue you likely find it hard to throw stuff away. But malfunctioning equipment harms your efficiency. Difficult to use equipment or no longer waterproof if you tolerate this it’s a sign that you also tolerate your own personal inefficiencies. You know what I mean […]

New Twitter Feed for 101 Success Tips

101 Success Tips on Twitter I am reissuing my famous 101 Tips every fews on Twitter. This will allow me to re-edit ,reorder them, weed out any weaker ones and so on. There in fact over 150 tips so if I whittle that list back down to 101 tips we’ll only get the best one Are […]

How to Pass an Interview

Schedule your most important Interview last, being interviewed gets easier the more you do it, because you get used to the questions and thus can give more polished answers. Read your CV carefully (it is easy to forget what you put in it if you wrote it just weeks ago) so you will not be […]

Music to Help you Concentrate

Once upon a time I used to listen to Classical Music frequently I noticed however that it would often interfere with my concentration as it seemed to demand that I pay attention to it. Recently I have unexpectedly found that rap music was conducive to study especially if I didn’t understand the words. I suspect […]

Do You Keep a Personal Success Diary?

Curiously we remember our failures more than our successes because of ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) which see to the job of recalling our disasters and embarrasments. Keep a Success diary of all your successes, exams, breaking a bad habit, new job, salary increase, trying something new, got a compliment from a customer or boss, entered […]

Learning English with Harry Potter

On vacation I met a French couple who said that their son who previously shown little interest in studying English had unexpectedly locked himself away with the latest English version Harry Potter (The French version arrives much later). He only emerged when he had read the 600 pages or so with vastly improved English. Now […]

Giving Up On Your First Try (Is that You?)

Getting rich quick is almost impossible, even getting rich slowly is very difficult but the principle I follow is to create as many money earning possibilities as possible. I call these mini-businesses they require a little effort to setup but then become passive income steams. Of course it’s tough at the beginning working on schemes […]

De-Briefing Yourself

Create the habit of de-briefing yourself after every meeting, trip, vacation, lecture etc. How did it go, what would you have done differently, what should you have prepared, what did you learn, what do you need to put away, get repaired. Take brief notes or just write a list. Note Taking Skills Books at Amazon […]