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Putting things down just anywhere, worst habit ever?

I have a shed full of bad habits but one of the most annoying ones is absent mindedly putting things down anywhere, phones, pens, wallets, glasses and worst of all keys! I’ve wasted so much time looking for stuff that I had in my hands minutes before. So what are the solutions?  In your own home it’s […]

The Power of TED : Access to the World’s Best

I’ve been going crazy for TED talks recently there are over 1500 available on YouTube. TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design the talks are delivered by experts from many fields. TED is possibly the most incredible inspiration resource ever. There’s something for everyone, go on now over to YouTube or TEDs own website. Here are […]

Do you already know enough?

A training course organizer was astonished to see some of his best former students reappear on his course. When asked why they said they had so enjoyed the course and wanted to learn even more. Well the trainer was flattered but in his mind he was screaming “You already know enough go out there and […]

What’s the Difference between “Giving Up” and “Changing Direction”

We read so often that we must never give up, never abandon our goal, must try and try again. While that’s true in many situations what happens if are forced to recognize that opening a surf board store in Death Valley or an Ice Making Plant in Anchorage is never going to work out. If […]

Create Strategies to Counter your Weaknesses

Everyone has their strong points and their weak points. In order to succeed in our careers and lives we need to develop strategies to counter our weak points. Like you don’t fill your fridge with sweets and ice cream if you know you can’t control your appetite. If you hate doing the paperwork or garden […]

Choosing Great New Year Resolutions

How many people are going into next year with no plan at all? Perhaps the majority , New Year’s Resolutions are a first step but try and make sure you pick ones which will motivate you and that you are likely to keep. Get some great tips by clicking here.

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you heading into next year rudderless or have you created your Life Plan for next year, have you at least created some New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t just choose your Resolutions at the last minute or carelessly. Read more here