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How Many Uncomfortable Conversations Do You Have?

I’ve only just discovered controversial Jordan Peterson but whatever anyone might think he has a number of interesting and radical ideas. The first point or rule which really struck me was that you could define someone’s success by the number of uncomfortable conversations they were prepared to have. I take this to mean sorting out […]

Never Too Late to be Great : The Power of Thinking Long !

Never To Late To be Great I think you will like this; my friend TomButler-Bowdon’s latest book is a sensible and encouraging treatise on how frequently people find success late in life. Patience! In fact forty and above seems to be best age. This brand new book contains many surprising revelations about the rocky road […]

Bored by your best skill?

Your favorite sports star at the top of his game suddenly announces that he no longer wishes to play football because he wants to concentrate on painting. The paintings are OK but you know he was put on earth to kick ball. You will know of other examples. However it also happens to ordinary Joes […]

Do you already know enough?

A training course organizer was astonished to see some of his best former students reappear on his course. When asked why they said they had so enjoyed the course and wanted to learn even more. Well the trainer was flattered but in his mind he was screaming “You already know enough go out there and […]

Can you Drive a Car? You are a Genius!

Hey have you already forgotten how difficult it seemed to control pedals, the shift stick, look in mirrors all at the same time? Do you remember a family member (Dad?) or instructor shouting at you? And then there was reversing, learning all the signs and rules it just seemed impossible. And now you drive totally […]

What I learned from “The Social Network”

The movie “The Social Network” which is about the birth of Facebook starts off by showing how Mark Zuckerberg built a simple site allowing students to compare and rate the photos of fellow students on a basis of hot or not. He got into all sorts of trouble over this. This idea however was the […]

Notching your way to Success

Achieving success can be like climbing a hill where every time you think you’ve reached the top you find there is yet another ridge ahead. It is very discouraging because it’s hard to tell how far you’ve got to go and worse how far you’ve come. That’s not much different from trying to estimate how […]

Success may come through a Keyhole

When you move outside your Comfort Zone you move into a place with no rules. Your opportunity for success will:- – Appear totally unexpectedly – From a source you least expected (the Keyhole) – At a time you least expected – Not be exactly what you expected – Perhaps be rather an “Ugly Duckling” Of […]

Self-Improvement at Least 500 Years Old

I recently attended a talk by Success-Theoretician Tom Butler Bowdon where he discussed the writings of Machiavelli and his Success Laws. Machiavelli for instance recommends modeling the best characteristics of successful people. Machiavelli says that an effective leader strives by is actions to inspire a sense of his greatness and goodness, he carefully chooses his […]

How to Pass an Interview

Schedule your most important Interview last, being interviewed gets easier the more you do it, because you get used to the questions and thus can give more polished answers. Read your CV carefully (it is easy to forget what you put in it if you wrote it just weeks ago) so you will not be […]