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Making YouTube your Business

My videos have got nearly 2 million views on YouTube but really that was by accident just doing videos I liked. I had noticed that a video that I did in 10 minutes might get a ton of views whereas a video I really put a lot of effort into got practically no views. It […]

Quo Vadis Where are you going

Tony Robbins  once said that most of us go through life as though  we were floating down a river in a barrel. Sometimes floating gently along sometimes hurtling through  rapids depending on the river but that we were never in control never actually  deciding our own fate.

Secret to Success : Live 10 Minutes in the the Future

If you could look into the minds of the truly successful the first thing you’d notice is that they are continuously planning ahead, what they will be doing in 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days ahead, what resources they’ll need, what instructions they need to give to others. Look in to the minds of the […]

Reframing Conflict

Few of us like conflict especially the anticipation of it knowing that we have to stand up in a meeting  and disagree with  someone who will react negatively.  The best way to deal with this is to reframe it,  treat it as a learning and growing experience.  We are lost if we cannot handle difficult […]

A Bug Free Mind is the Secret to Success?

Andy Shaw maintains that the real reason why so many of us fail to succeed is because we are infected with too many bugs. These bugs are created by all the past failures and disappointments we have experienced. He then provides a way of removing these bugs so that your mind is uncluttered and able […]

Funny thing you know what you need to do to succeed but you don’t do it

The gurus often say that most people subconsciously avoid  success that may seem strange to those of us desperate to make our mark. But let’s take an example you want to lose weight well you know what to do don’t you? You know which foods you mustn’t eat simple but you carry right on don’t […]

Why I am not completely successful

I’m not yet fully successful because there is still too large a gap between what I plan to do and what I actually achieve. Blog posts I  write in my head but never publish. Joblists that never get finished, deadlines missed, work brought home which never leaves my briefcase.

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Tom Butler-Bowdon 50 Success Classics

Tom has dedicated his career to raising the status of the Self Help, Self Improvement and Motivational Fields. He has for the first time cataloged, reviewed and summarized the top fifty books on each of these sectors and made these available in his famous 50 Classic book series. These allow to select which of the […]

Everything must have its EXACT place!

I’ve always known that it’s best if important things have their own place, passports, tools and so on. What I’ve only recently realised is that really everything should have an exact place, I mean not just on a particular shelf but a precise spot on that shelf. It may seem rather boorish to be so […]