Do you have a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide character?

Do you have a Jekyll and Hide character? Are there days when you are the Good Dr Jekyll , just get on with work and tasks, where you deal with problems effortlessly and do you have lackluster Mr Hyde days when you can’t even decide which job to start. I have been using Action Enforcer to help me with my Mr Hyde days, I only really need it get going as I know once I get a few jobs completed my energy levels will increase. Action Enforcer obliges you to choose one task and then stick to it. It works because it’s very easy to use and becomes a kind of psychological supervisor setting you a self-defined deadline.

More and more working people whether home-workers or not have to be self-motivating have tasks that need completing but have no direct supervision just an expectation that work will be done. Students studying for distant examinations or writers with a delivery date may be months away are in the same boat. They become more and more anxious as time is frittered away. In all these cases Action Enforcer is a boon learn more by clicking here