Frittering Time Away is Worse Than Procrastination!

Procrastination is a terrible problem but one of the reasons we Procrastinate is because we don’t get our daily tasks and to-do lists completed rapidly enough, so we NEVER get to the Important but not Immediately Urgent Tasks.

This is usually due to Frittering our time away, how long we take to start doing serious work when we sit down at our desk, how usefully we use odd lumps of spare time waiting for a meeting etc. We would be horrified if all the time we frittered away could be added up. If you find yourself doing your best work doing free overtime when most have left then this is a sign you frittered your normal working hours away.

Conquer Frittering and you’ll find you’ve Conquered Procrastination at the same time. I’ve made a lot of progress since I’ve been using Action Enforcer this is the first Time Management Program which does it for me.

So remember : You Procrastinate because you Fritter your Core Working Time Away, Beat Frittering and You’ll Conquer Procrastination without even realizing¬† it!

I honestly personally use and recommend  Action Enforcer