Giving Up On Your First Try (Is that You?)

Getting rich quick is almost impossible, even getting rich slowly is very difficult but the principle I follow is to create as many money earning possibilities as possible. I call these mini-businesses they require a little effort to setup but then become passive income steams.

Of course it’s tough at the beginning working on schemes which may never earn money but with time it works and you start to receive payment notices via email and even checks in the post.

So the answer is yes you have to work really hard but unlike your j-o-b it is possible to “work once get paid many times”

But you have to try, you have to take the first steps, you have to believe; I see so many of the people who sign up to say PTC using my referral link only ever visit the PTC website once! ie they give up straight away they never give it a chance. Don’t be like them if you take the trouble to sign up for something, say to yourself I will stick at it long enough to properly evaluate if it is right for me!

Just How do you Create More Ideas

Make it principle that if you join a gym or a language class that you will stick with it, remember how often you hated something before you like it and how grateful you are that say a parent forced you to keep at it. But you you are independent and the only person who can do the forcing is you!