Personal Brainstorming for Creative Ideas

Whenever you get ten minutes of so of waiting time consider holding a solo brainstorming session. You just need pencil and paper, start writing lists of things to do, ways of improving your efficiency, people you need to contact, anything really to get your creative juices flowing.

In the first minutes you may find yourself twiddling your thumbs but persist and once the ideas start flowing you will find yourself scribbling furiously. This works and I now look forward to holding these sessions!

So next time you are pausing for a Cappuccino in your favorite coffee shop get out pen and paper, turn up your optimism and say to yourself I have ten minutes to think of a brilliant idea which will transform my career, business or relationship and I am already excited about the wonderful ideas I am about to have.

Write them all down the big ideas, the little ideas, the ridiculous ideas keep going you are improving and developing your creative abilities.