Putting things down just anywhere, worst habit ever?

I have a shed full of bad habits but one of the most annoying ones is absent mindedly putting things down anywhere, phones, pens, wallets, glasses and worst of all keys! I’ve wasted so much time looking for stuff that I had in my hands minutes before.

So what are the solutions?  In your own home it’s easy enough everything must have its exact place and I mean exact then you discipline yourself to never make exceptions. The longterm solution however is to learn to intercept your unconscious  putting down reflex and make it a conscious process,


  1. should I be putting the object down at all
  2. if so is this is the correct location
  3. if so memorise the action and place.

It’s tough to break lifetime bad habits but it can and in this case must be done, it’s another sign that you aren’t really in control of yourself