The 5 Minutes More Rule Or Trick

When you are about to abandon a task because you’ve had enough or feel you aren’t getting any where or are just bored then try applying the “5 minute Rule”. Say to yourself I will stick at it for just 5 minutes more and then I can give up or take a break.

At the worst you get 5 minutes work done and at the best you will have found a second wind, got focused and become productive. Of course what you are aiming for is to move into The Zone when suddenly work becomes effortless, the words just flow, the paperwork gets dealt with, you make that call you’ve been dreading, nothing seems a problem. But imagine if you hadn’t applied the five-minute trick you might have never got there you might have gone and switched the television on and watched a replay of the ball-game!

You can use the the 5-minute-more trick in the Gym as well or when doing jobs in the house. I actually hear my lazy inner-self thinking up excellent reasons why I should abandon my endeavour, you’ve had a long day, mustn’t tire myself out for tomorrow, it’s too cold or hot or windy and the most crafty one shouldn’t you be doing another task altogether.

Remember the other 5 minute rule that we often want to give up a task after just 5 minutes, 5 minutes into writing an essay or starting a run that’s the danger time before we’ve warmed to the task before we see any progress, you can use the five-minute rule to help you through this discouraging phase.

Go on do five minutes more