The Importance of Weak Associations for Your Success

Your social circle, family, work colleagues are your strong links these are people you see frequently, the danger is however that can become a barrier between you and new experiences. Weak links are say an old school friend you happen to bump into at a conference or on a flight.

Weak ties can provide you with information that you might otherwise not have come in contact with, something our closest associates, who share very similar experiences, cannot do. Why does this happen? well the Weak Link can help you see perspective, offer unexpected advice, criticism, or suggest people you might contact. They might have succeeded, failed, dropped out, changed religion, they might surprise,embarrass or challenge you, things your strong links rarely do.

I was introduced to the importance of Weak Associations by Tom Butler-Bowden author of the indispensable 50 Greatest Success Books, 50 Greatest Self-Development Books series.

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