The pleasure of not eating cake

I’m currently working in an office where biscuits and cakes are often available. I was being teased for eating the most. This annoyed me because while I enjoyed the first few I got decreasing pleasure from the remainder. Then one day I just decided enough was enough l would just decide how many biscuits I would eat and just stick to it. This worked and and to my surprise I took pleasure in my self control and that this pleasure was greater than the very temporary pleasure of eating.

Curiously I’ve been recently been (re)listening to Brian Tracy (Eat that Frog) and a few other gurus and they insist on this type of self control being the first step towards any kind of success in life . But previously I didn’t think I was capable of that kind of self-discipline, that meant that if ever I’d set myself a discipline-based goal I’d started off not believing it possible. What you have to do is build-up your self-discipline muscles little by little, set yourself silly targets and reach them e.g. I won’t watch a certain TV program until I’ve not smoked for 2 days, not eaten chocolate for 3 days, learned 20 Spanish words etc. Just try it, just believe it and you too can taste the pleasure of not eating cake!