What I learned from “The Social Network”

The movie “The Social Network” which is about the birth of Facebook starts off by showing how Mark Zuckerberg built a simple site allowing students to compare and rate the photos of fellow students on a basis of hot or not. He got into all sorts of trouble over this. This idea however was the kernel of Facebook. Now it will probably forever be argued about how much the Winkelvoss twins were involved or contributed but that is not the intention of this Post.

What impressed me was once that Mark Zuckerberg got his idea he went into hibernation, programming day and night until he launched the prototype Facebook, he didn’t go out partying, he wasn’t training for the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race like the Winklevoss’s he probably didn’t attend lectures or help out cleaning the communal areas. No he just caught the wave at its peak and rode it and history was made. When you get your big chance will you be as single-minded, as ruthless, as indifferent to what people think about you; big question eh?